Sugary food and drink are never too far away, they are sold in every shop that sells food and seem to get increasingly cheaper over time. We all know deep down that sugary food is bad for us but many of us still continue consuming an excessive amount of food and drinks that contain an unhealthy amount of sugar. This could be down to a number of reasons such as these are foods that people crave as sugary foods can be addictive. Or perhaps people may not know the maximum amount of sugar they should be consuming on a daily basis.

Regularly consuming more sugar than doctors recommend can cause health problems throughout the entire body, but when you eat sugar you may be more likely to think about how the sugar is affecting your teeth rather than any other part of your body. This of course is for a good reason, as the health of your teeth is likely to deteriorate faster than any other part of your body if you regularly consume too much sugar. Of course, you can take extra care of your teeth with thorough teeth brushing and use of mouthwash to help mitigate the negative effects of sugar on your teeth. You can also visit your local dentist in Leamington Spa who will be able to further assist you to maintain the health of your teeth.

Energy Drinks And Fizzy Drinks

Did you know that the NHS recommends that adults should have no more than 30g of added sugar per day? Within a single can of Coke, there is 39g of sugar, meaning just by drinking one can of Coke you are already well over your recommended daily sugar intake. We are not suggesting completely cutting out fizzy drinks such as Coke, but it would be beneficial for your general health to cut down on how often you drink fizzy drinks.

Within the marketing for energy drinks, they claim that drinking energy drinks will give you more energy, and in many cases they do but only for a short period of time. When people experience an energy high from an energy drink part of what they are experiencing is the high level of sugar hitting their systems giving them a sugar rush, only for them to experience an energy crash 15-20 minutes later. In some energy drinks there is as much as 64g of sugar per can, in many cases, people who drink energy drinks often drink more than one a day. This can lead to some people regularly consuming 2-3 times more sugar than what is recommended by doctors. Drinking too many energy drinks each day can lead to you having dental complications which could mean you may need to get dental implants in Leamington Spa as this is your local dentist.


Cutting down on energy drinks and fizzy drinks can drastically reduce the amount of sugar you consume, which is not only good for your dental health but also the health of the rest of your body.